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About Me

Parenthood is the most beautiful responsibility and the most beautiful job in the world. The feeling is surreal. Holding a new life that has come from you is indescribable.  And holding onto those memories and events is becoming increasingly hard and tasking in this fast paced world. This is where I come in.

If you want to capture invaluable, impeccable and beautiful pictures of the moments, capture the time that you can treasure for the rest of your life, then worry not. Only a mother can understand the expectations and wishes of a mother and only a professional photographer can stop these out of time beautiful moments for you and luckily I’m both.


My obsession of holding on to every moment with my kids led me on my journey as a professional new born photographer as I wanted to make sure that no parent misses out on parenthood’s joyous occasions.  My work is an open library which you can check for your self. Social media will give you a glimpse into my work and the reviews and love I have received for my art. Our work at Brija Photography is not only to capture beautiful moments but to make sure of two things, firstly is to be inclusive of the parents and involve them and their ideas, nothing is impossible for us and secondly the comfort and the safety of a baby.

I can tell you how we do it but My international certifications, my digital gallery and the testimonials from parents that have successfully worked with us will do a better job of attesting my skill and my vigour.  Be it Ana Brandt from USA or Sandra from Australia. I’ve been fortunate enough to work and learn under the best in the business around the globe.


I think I’ve said enough. How about you reach out and we can get Started ?

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